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It's official! The server is up now. It is primarily for pixel art, however, I encourage other digital artists to join and chat as well. I would like it to be a communal gathering-like place for pixel/digital artists to meet, inspire, and share with friends. I believe there is A LOT of growing potential for the server and that the more, the merrier.

Obviously because it just started and has a bit of work to be done to it and founding members/staff, I would appreciate it if there were individuals who would not only share this journal with friends but also join as part of staff. (In terms of staff needs, I need at least  2-3 mods, and 2-3 general assistants. Mods will be people that are responsible, know discord well, can give good suggestions, and don't have a problem enforcing rules, and GAs are people that are just familiar with discord and like to be helpful.)

I do strongly encourage others to share this journal or at least the server with other pixel/digital art groups. I would love to see this turn into it's potential.

Server link: (the link doesn't expire)
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Gallery Folders

Pixel art by Yooril
Room Enough by SquidEmpire
Spongebob - F2U by BelieveTheHorror
Watching you by Dulcahn
Pixel Avatars FULL
Cat-Pixel by koopix
Hot-brew by koopix
[f2u] That must hurt by xXwoofehXx
Snowflake Pixel GIF by Saezenza
- COW - by ButtholeFromMars19
Mew Right F2U by CrySammie
Mew Left F2U by CrySammie
Animation FULL
Meeseeks Tamagotchi by Pdexter
Yogi-pixel by koopix
Squeshy Hutt: sprite by Chernabog71
R.I.P. TOBE HOOPER by Chernabog71
Base Art N' Pixel Dolls
comm : izsumi123 by pururii
Puppy-Chan Page Doll by Mononoke-Dev
Holo Giggling Page Doll by Mononoke-Dev
Puppy-Chan Crying by Mononoke-Dev
Original Character FULL
That spear guy by RaghavAT
Some apocalypse survivor i think [gif] by DaGhostToast
Old Falling by MoneerTheFirst
Aurora by Caynez
baby doll eyes by CynicalAshhole
Crash Bandicoot Sprite by OxiCl3ean
003 Perk Machines - Black Ops 2 by AWildFatmanAppeared
Jane Sprite by Cabbt
Animal Nature
WSCommissions #002 - 18 Party Minisprites by WilsonScarloxy
Comm - Cessair by Azhat
Comm- Jassette (pixel) by Azhat
Comm- Ivory by Azhat
Volcanic Flamemingo Tarai by Zanshinretsu
Swarm Knife Keln by Zanshinretsu
Elemental Crystals by Zanshinretsu
Pixel art commisions! by GenkeiZwei
Contest Entry
[Paladins Avatar Contest] Strix A, B or C? by Sitopan
Moon Light by BootyConnoisseur
Pixel Avatars 2 FULL
Pedido de BoOkAmU by ju0wonderland
Emoticons 2
Happy Zet by PixelShirani
Animations 2 FULL
Enoch: sprite by Chernabog71
Base Art 2
Dog Galaxy Pixel Icon (BASE) by FH15
Tutorials 2
a ~hella dank~ pixel speedpaint vid by waiyumii
Orginal Characters 2
mahou by CynicalAshhole
Fanart 2
honey by prrhoi
Animal Nature 2
270 - Lovely Evenings by Kasedori
Other 2
[COMMISSION] Serendipitovs by kicked-in-teeth
Contest Entry 2
Kirby and his Amee-go by Starlequin
Screenshots 2
Nes inspired mockup by aamatniekss
Pixel Avatars 3
Shuri icon commission by mishADDo
Animations 3
[GIF] Pixel Wind by Scootgami


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We now have a discord server. Feel free to join and invite your friends! Click here:

Featured Message: [The Pixel Pets Network] ( is currently under heavy development. It is a game which allows you to adopt and care for your own pets as well as decorate your own little home. As the name suggests all ingame sprites will be pixelated.

The Project can be supported trough Patreon which is directly connected to the game:

For more information:

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gkillerb Featured By Owner May 12, 2018  Hobbyist Interface Designer
why was my work declined?
HeartyCakes Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2018  New Deviant Hobbyist Artist
Umm can I ask u one question?? Well where do u put the anime characters??
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Istarteddrawingbirds Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ElmerMouseFan34 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Can edited sprites be posted on this group?
I always credit the original artists!
CandyMintAndCoffe Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Angel by CandyMintAndCoffe Commissions Open - Pixel Reactions
Commission Prices - Pixel Reactions Pack by CandyMintAndCoffe
example 3 by CandyMintAndCoffe example 2 by CandyMintAndCoffe example 1 by CandyMintAndCoffe
Akashii-Ami Featured By Owner Edited Mar 24, 2018  Student General Artist
Currently looking for pixelated sprite/avatar comms. Must be able to do anthro or feral (preferably anthro). I do favor a chibi/kemono/anime style. No set budget yet. 
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